A Living Sacrifice Posts

I am not dying, at least not anytime soon. It’s just that I have known that I should do this at some point, as we all should. so, to sum this up, I AM NOT ACTIVILY DYING. I am fine. Have no fear. I am just doing what I should have done a long time ago.

Still, I, ask for your Prayers.

I’ve been fine. I’ve just been working on other projects that must be done, namely my will, last testament, and funeral plans.

nothing easy about these things, so please pray for me during this time.

To good not to share in light of the great confusion which has befallen our Church.

From the ever-wise Cardinal Sarah:

“Banning or suspending the Extraordinary Form can only be inspired by the devil. I am of the opinion of Benedict XVI. What was holy and sacred yesterday cannot be condemned to disappear today. What harm does the Traditional Mass cause? What harm? If they can learn to meet Christ in a Mass celebrated in silence, in respect for the sacred, they must not doubt it. Everybody wants to grow in God. Why stop him? It is not a riot. They do not deny in any way the Second Vatican Council, quite the contrary.”