Lawlessness Part II

Today was released a lawless document, not from the government, but far worse, from the Church.

Read about it here, then I’ll offer some advice to priests and bishops.

The article is HERE.  It’s title is telling: The Spiritual Abuse Continues

Now the advice. Ignore it. If the brand of lawlessness of James Martin, SJ, can be tolerated, and embraced, then bishops can rightly use canon law when it states:

Canon 87 states that “A diocesan bishop, whenever he judges that it contributes to their spiritual good, is able to dispense the faithful from universal and particular disciplinary laws issued for his territory or his subjects by the supreme authority of the Church.” Clearly, dispensing from these directives is for the spiritual good of many. For a diocesan bishop to avoid being an abusive father himself, he must disregard these commands and tend to the spiritual needs of his children.

So, ignore it. For the sake of the faithful, whose souls are at stake. priests, my advice is similar. Resist with all your might. Write your bishop, as I did. Demand your birthright.

Laypeople, pray and fast for your bishop and faithful priests, who now have to decide whether to obey the persistent teaching of the Church, or the novel teaching of a lawless generation of clergymen.