Be patient yet a little longer in bearing your spiritual desolation. Be patient in enduring the loving trials that Jesus, who wants to make you like him, is making you undergo in his wonderful providence. You will see the Lord one day completely answer your prayers, which are also mine. Do not be dismayed if the night within you becomes deeper and gloomier. Do not be afraid if your physical eyes do not see the calm heaven that envelops your soul, but look up. Lift your eyes up above yourself, and you will see a shining light that participates in the light of the eternal sun.
Lively faith, confident belief, and complete adherence to the authority God has placed over you – this constitutes the light that illuminated the path for the people of God in the desert. It is the light that always shines in the deepest recesses of every spirit accepted by the Father. It is the light that led the magi to the adoration of the newly born Messiah, the star prophesied by Balaam, the torchlight that directs the steps of souls in desolation. This light, this star, and this torch are what illuminate your soul and direct your steps so that you do not falter . . . Be assured and believe that this sun shines in your soul, and it is the very sun that the prophet of God sang about: ‘In your light do we see light.'” St. Pio