Time, The Assumption, and You

There is a saying that time speeds up toward the end. The most familiar example would be that as our lives come to an end, things speed up. The days seem to get shorter, the hours shorter yet, and we find ourselves saying “where has all the time Gone?”

This happens to me too. I find my days seem shorter, but as Fr. Z. has pointed out on his most excellent blog, the same is true in the spiritual realm. Things speed up near the end.

Have you noticed that in the spiritual realm, which plays out in large part in our physical word speeding up? I have.

There seems to be a speeding up in the actions of the evil one in particular. We see a new administration in these here United States of America, and with it an uptick in pro abortion legislation, no less. Surely the work of the devil. We see our borders are crumbling, as drugs enough to literally kill a horse with a tiny amount. We see cartels flood over, as well as human traffickers, adding to the already big problem of pornography and sex trafficking. Are things speeding up?

We see on the church front, within a very short span the betrayal of faithful Chinese Catholics, because the Vatican saw an opportunity to gain cash. We saw the Pachamama idol worshiped in the Vatican and in St. Peter’s Basilica. We have seen pope Francis issue Motu Proprio, an assault on the Traditional Latin Mass. An unlawful, and unjust document that was and is a slap in the face to those of us who love traditional forms of worship. Truly, this is the work of the devil, because it strikes at the very heart of the church, the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass as it has been offered throughout the ages. We see scandal after scandal and faithful priests being canceled, while unfaithful priests like Fr. James Martin, SJ, is left to do great damage to the faithful. All this in a rather short time. Are things speeding up?

Then, on the world stage, the once free Afghanistan, or so our political leaders told us, falls in a matter of days to the Taliban, who will usher in sharia law, which would have you and I beheaded for being Christian. IN A MATTER OF DAYS! Are things speeding up?

I hate to see what comes next when China has a highway to Iran, all our common enemies, more than happy to wipe us off the face of the earth. Again, are things speeding up?

All this could cause us to have great fear, but that is not the way of Catholic Christians. It is no coincidence that Afghanistan fell on the Solemnity of the Assumption, or as our Orthodox brothers call it, the Dormition. It is a sure sign that Our Lady is with us.

So, take up you’re your rosary and wield what that great St. Padre Pio called the weapon of our times. Pray it daily. And take up the armament of the Brown Scapular and St. Benedict medals. (I get mine here ~ Tell them I sent you.). And most of all, GO TO CONFESSION, AND HOLY MASS, especially the Traditional Latin Mass. This these are the most sure means of protection in these days.

We have no need to fear, even if the world around us crumble and fall into the sea, which mind you, is happening at a uptick never known before. We have Jesus, Mary, and St. Joseph, Terror of Demons on our side, and they will not fail us. So, no fear, it is unbecoming of a soldier in the army of Our Lady.