Confidence in the Fight

The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear him, and delivers them. – Psalm 34

The other day someone asked me “how are you doing?” and I responded by saying “well, with a new pandemic on the horizon and the panic surrounding that, and the government oppression regarding masks and mandatory vaccinations, the flood in China, likely source of the Wuhan Devil. We, even here in South Dakota are suffering the effects of wildfires in Canada, and wildfires burning all over the globe, including one in California, that is as large as Manhattan. We have earthquakes in numbers not known in recent years. We have in the United States, under the Biden regime, the repeal of the Hyde Amendment which now forces all tax payers to pay for selective abortion up to birth, and forces doctors and nurses, even against their conscience, to refer for abortions. In these United States of America, we have violence in major cities described as demonic. We have Muslims taking over Afghanistan, spreading their hatred of Christians near and far. We have reports of clergy in and around the Vatican using Grindr. A gay hookup app, for those who don’t know. We see continued financial scandals in the Vatican, and in many dioceses. We have a pope who seems to see the priority to stamp out, as far as he can, the Traditional Latin Mass, instead of rooting out scandal and corruption in the Church that seems to be everywhere. And FINALLY Mr. McCarrick has had criminal charges brought against him. But other than that, I’m doing fine.”

No, I really am doing fine. No panic or fear here. Health wise the doctors gave me something to give more energy, and something to dull the pain of pretty much never moving. The pulmonologist said I’m doing well, at least as well as can be expected given my disease. I’m well taken care of by my family who have many unpleasant tasks to take care of me. They will, no doubt, receive their reward. Spiritually, things are dry, but good.

Many today seem to live in fear. They are afraid of the delta variant. They are afraid of what the government might force lockdowns again. They are afraid that the government will mandate a Vaccine they believe to be immoral. They are afraid to go out in their cities for fear of being harmed. They are afraid the Church will take the Traditional Latin Mass away. They are afraid to believe this pope of “reform”. And they are afraid that they won’t be able to resist these things, but go with the flow.

Fear, fear, fear.

You know who wants us to live in fear? Old Hairy Legs. The devil. The ancient serpent. So far, if we look at the world, fear is winning, which means that the devil is winning, for now.

My little flock, it is time to wake up and fight. Every moment we don’t fight, souls go to hell because they die in fear and not in trust of God.

The solution is simple, but difficult. We must first begin to live in the state of grace ourselves. That might require going to confession. So, GO! Then we must trust the Lord with immense confidence. If that comes hard, and for many it does, pray the Rosary, the Jesus prayer, wear the brown scapular, and read scripture every day, especially the Psalms and the New Testament. These are the tools to gain confidence in the Lord Jesus.

As for the rest, when we gain confidence in God, the demons become little fruit flies that we can kill with a mere finger. That’s how to do battle with the Ancient serpent. Have such confidence in Jesus that the temptations to fear are but gnats we swat away and bring to their demise.

So, the way to enter the battle raging around us, and it is raging. Frankly, I don’t know how people don’t realize that raging around us is a battle of apocalyptic proportion. I guess they are too engrossed in their cell phones, their video games, and their tv. If they put down these things, and engaged the program I laid out above they would soon realize the trouble we are in. Then, having sanctified themselves and be ready to put on the whole armor of God and stand to fight as part of Our Lady’s army which will defeat the evil one.

Once this confidence is achieved we can have the courage to fight. To be willing to go to jail for the sake of truth, or face being ostracized by the very Church we love. It takes great confidence in Jesus to say, take me to prison, cut off my head, excommunicate me, I will not betray my Lord in whom I place my confidence.

Confidence in the Lord is key. Without it we will crumble in battle. So, my children, do what you need to gain confidence in the Lord and Our Lady. With them we will win. Without them we run the risk of falling into hell.


Go to confession

Pray the Rosary daily

Pray the Jesus Prayer constantly

Wear the brown scapular constantly

Read the Psalms and New Testament daily

Then, and only then fight.