Rumors of Liturgical Wars

Some people have asked me what I think about, the as yet rumored, restrictions on summorum pontificum.

What I say about this, is what I say to priests the world over. The time for fence sitting is over. We have to chose now who will follow. It’s really quite simple. Choose Christ or choose modernism with its age-old heresies. We have been warned by so many popes, and so many prophets that a True Magisterium and false magisterium are being formed. One faithful to Jesus Christ and the other not.

Priests and bishops, now is the time to act. Educate your flock, and then implement it. There is nothing stopping you but your own fears.

And, if by chance the rumors are not true, you will have done your flock the great favor of preemptively protected them from wolves in shepherds clothing. So, put your fear and self-respect behind you, and make, as Pope Francis said, a mess!