A Living Sacrifice Posts

“I have compassion on the crowd. . . ” These words of Jesus in our gospel should not be passed over quickly, but meditated upon. For they reveal to us not just Jesus’ motivation in healing those who were lame, maimed, blind and dumb and feeding those who were hungry two thousand years ago, but they reveal to us the very heart of our God – how he responds to us at every moment. Although seeing how sin has crippled and disfigured us, how it has weakened and impoverished us, God has not regarded us with loathing and disgust but with pity born of love. God has not stood aloof from our suffering and pain, but has come to bring us healing, to nourish us and raise us up to the fullness of life. It is this compassion that we celebrate at Christmas. God takes upon himself our very flesh in order that he might also take upon himself that which afflicts us the most and is our greatest burden. It’s amazing if one thinks about it. Christ was born in order that he might die, and that through his death we might have life. It is this compassion that we experience and receive every time we participate in the Eucharist. We come before him as the crowds in the gospel, confident that when he sees our need he will heal us and nourish us with his love. ~ anonymous

“Jesus is making you, like all those who love him with sincere and pure hearts, increasingly hear his very loving threefold invitation: ‘Come to me . . . Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me.’ May this very sweet invitation from the Master comfort you in this new trial – or to be more precise, this increase in divine favor. I can truly say that your new state is a very special favor from the Lord, a favor he accords only to those valiant souls that his mercy makes more precious to him. -St. Pio

Be patient yet a little longer in bearing your spiritual desolation. Be patient in enduring the loving trials that Jesus, who wants to make you like him, is making you undergo in his wonderful providence. You will see the Lord one day completely answer your prayers, which are also mine. Do not be dismayed if the night within you becomes deeper and gloomier. Do not be afraid if your physical eyes do not see the calm heaven that envelops your soul, but look up. Lift your eyes up above yourself, and you will see a shining light that participates in the light of the eternal sun.
Lively faith, confident belief, and complete adherence to the authority God has placed over you – this constitutes the light that illuminated the path for the people of God in the desert. It is the light that always shines in the deepest recesses of every spirit accepted by the Father. It is the light that led the magi to the adoration of the newly born Messiah, the star prophesied by Balaam, the torchlight that directs the steps of souls in desolation. This light, this star, and this torch are what illuminate your soul and direct your steps so that you do not falter . . . Be assured and believe that this sun shines in your soul, and it is the very sun that the prophet of God sang about: ‘In your light do we see light.'” St. Pio